The Best Sales Experience Provided by Buy My SKU. 

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The Best Sales Experience Provided by Buy My SKU. 

Selling products online on eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay is nothing new. But online shopping has increased over the years, more so after the advent of the Covid 19 Pandemic. It pushed even more U.S. consumers online. This event has contributed to an additional $105 billion in U.S. online revenue in 2020 and accelerated eCommerce by two years. Naturally, a lot more people have resorted to online selling. However, just like every other business, running an online shop can be challenging. Online sellers need to consider the capital, revenue, production cost and keep sufficient stock on products. However, putting all your “eggs” in one basket isn’t the best of business practices. So even if you’re already an active online seller on Amazon, you can supplement your sales through other platforms such as Buy My SKU.

What is Buy My SKU?

Buy My SKU is an online eCommerce platform that helps sellers find products to sell. They help you win the arbitrage game by directly connecting you with sellers of surplus inventory! You can browse available products and fast-track your hunt for bargains using their simple website.

Why use Buy My SKU? 

As an Amazon seller, you may be aware that sometimes products just don’t turn out as you planned them to. Let’s say you have two products that got a poor review from the very start. It’s hard to overcome this issue as you basically must get better reviews coming through to counteract the bad ones. This problem is exacerbated by how Amazon no longer lets you respond to reviews. So if a customer does something to your product that you have already made sufficient measures to warn against, you won’t be able to explain your side to them. 

After observing that your products weren’t selling fast enough due to bad reviews and adversely affecting your inventory performance score, you decided to get them out of Amazon. While figuring out what to do with them, you temporarily move them to a 3PL. Upon computing, you discover that the shipping costs to bring them to your home country were extortionate. On the other hand, you couldn’t sell them on eBay since you’re not based in the USA. The best option for you in this particular situation is to find a liquidator. There are many liquidation services available in the market. However, Buy My SKU is your most reliable partner for turning your unsaleable Amazon products into profit.

Essential Ways Buy My SKU Provides The Best Sales Experience For Sellers. 

Make Money Instead of Destroying or Liquidating Excess Stock

Nothing is more frustrating for an online seller on Amazon than to let go of unsold and excess stock. This problem means taking losses for many people since they are essentially destroying and disposing of these items that aren’t making them a profit. However, what if there’s a way to still profit from this stock? That’s where Buy My SKU comes in. This online selling platform lets you sell your excess stock in bulk. It means you do not have to destroy or liquidate products and excess stock in Amazon to make room for new ones!

You Can Invest More Time And Money Into Products That Give Higher Margins.  

Now that you have found a platform to move your stock on Amazon that isn’t netting you some profits, you suddenly have some free inventory. That means you can now invest more of your time and money into products that are sure to give you more revenue. At the same time, your SKUs have now transformed into an additional income source. Congratulations! and you are now set to earn both in Amazon and Buy My SKU!

You can stop burning money on storage fees.

Amazon lets you store your stock in one of its multiple Fulfilment Centers. However, you need to pay a storage fee for this service. However, if you decide to store your excess stock there for a long time, you will end up bleeding more money than you’re getting back. Thus, moving your stock to Buy My SKU will end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. And thanks to its cheap, one-time listing fee policy, you may even potentially earn some more profits from your excess products. 

You Only Pay One Listing Fee for a Product. 

Buy My SKU is the perfect platform for purchasing and selling bulk orders of items. As a seller, BMS only requires you to pay a listing fee once for a particular product. There are no relisting fees, hidden fees, or selling fees whatsoever. This policy means you can list your excess inventory here for around thirty days until it sells. 

You Can List Your Products Until You Make Sales.

If your product doesn’t sell by the end of the listing period, you can relist them for free! However, Buy My SKU recommends that you always sell ALL of your products. If you choose to sell a portion of your products only, you must list the products again and pay another listing fee. 

You Can Directly Answer Customer Inquiries. 

Buy My SKU allows you to be in direct contact with potential customers. This way, they can directly inquire with you about the former listings and where the items are currently located now.

MS Has A Bidding System For Sales Listings.

The platform operates similarly to eBay in that it utilizes a bidding system for listings aside from a fixed price listing. This way, sellers have the opportunity to earn more than their asking price on their products. At the same time, if a seller gets an offer that is slightly lower than their buy now price but more significant than the reserve, they can opt to accept the sales offer to net some profit on their excess stock.

You Can Set Up Any Payment Option for Your Sales. 

Buy My SKU doesn’t collect payment from the buyer when sellers make a transaction. Instead, it allows sellers to arrange the payment terms with the buyer. This payment method could be bank transfer, an escrow-type facility, PayPal, or other credit card facilities. For instance, the buyer and the seller can discuss the payment terms via email and agree that the most suitable option would be through PayPal since they are both in different countries. 

You Can Address Shipping Concerns And Discuss Shipping Methods With The Customer.

Buy My SKU allows sellers and buyers to come up with custom shipping solutions when delivering products. The buyers and sellers can agree on how to ship a product and where to ship it. Afterward, both of them can get shipping quotes and complete the transaction by agreeing on a shipping quote and a payment method. 

Buyers Get Access To Sales Information About Their Skus Conveniently. 

When buyers successfully buy an SKU, the seller has to collate all the files that are related to the sale. These documents include image sets and invoices with supplier details. Buyers can download and receive all of these files through conventional means such as a dropbox link from the seller. 

You Can Discuss Other Important Sales Terms with the Buyer. 

NDA or sales agreements aren’t required for small transactions. Furthermore, if your product contained an insert card or anything that disclosed your brand, you could ask the buyer to keep that confidential and repackage the product with their branding.